Unique gift ideas that 'wow'

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Unique gift ideas that 'wow'

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(BPT) - When creating a holiday shopping list for gifts for friends and family, there is always at least one impossible-to-shop-for person on that list. Maybe they're the type of person who doesn't need anything, or are not involved in hobbies that cater easily to gift ideas. Whatever the reason, each holiday season you struggle to find the perfect gift to celebrate the season.

"Sometimes coming up with gift ideas for friends and family is a challenge," says Anna Post, great-great granddaughter of Emily Post and co-author of Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition. "I recommend taking a step back and looking at the recipient's taste, personality, interests, daily habits and hobbies for inspiration. And remember, sometimes practical gifts that recipients will use on an everyday basis are the best gifts for those who are difficult to shop for."

To generate ideas, check out the offerings at your local Staples retail store where you can find perfect gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list - including those that are hard to shop for. Consider the following gift suggestions:

For the entertainer - Hosting a dinner party often involves uncorking a bottle of wine. Many people will open the bottle early to let it breathe, but the small opening at the top of the wine bottle doesn't allow air to properly oxygenate the drink. For this person, the Brookstone Aero Wine Aerator would be a great holiday gift, as it allows them to do a little entertaining in high-tech style. As an added bonus, throw in a couple of wine and drink markers by LeMarqueur. These come in gold or silver, and allow the host to put names on wine glasses so attendees know which glass belongs to them. The ink will wash off with cooking oil so the glasses can be used again at future parties.

For the organizer - If you have someone on your shopping list who is constantly taking notes for shopping lists, calendar scheduling or even copying down recipes, the quilted ARC leather notebook system sold exclusively at Staples will be sure to please. It comes in three colors - teal, pink and black - and can be paired with Avant Gel Ink pens, giving the recipient a sense of style when note taking.

For the youngsters - Children have plenty of electronic gadgets to keep them busy, so consider going a different direction with the gift of origami. Beginners can start off easy with Scholastic Follow the Directions Art Easy Origami, which includes all the paper supplies and directions needed to create fun farm animals, rockets and flowers. As a benefit, origami folding helps children with fine motor skills, reading, counting as well as identifying colors and shapes. Another fun and educational gift idea is Appleletters, which contains 110 tiles with letters, and games that encourage children to spell out words using the letters they have in an effort to be the first to use all their tiles.

These are just a few of the ideas you can find at Staples that are perfect for those difficult-to-shop-for people on your holiday shopping list. And as a bonus, you can also shop for your gifts online at Staples.com.
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