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Like all episodes involuntary

as if inevitably ordained,

mysteriously, I lost my license to drive.

Yes, I felt some measureless grief at first,

but now I smile and say,"Oh, how very nice!"


For I can now sit back and insignificantly reflect

and let my memories replay their tide and crest,

write poetry on life, or sing ever so swiftly

the one melody that haunts me secretly.


Or, just be there, .."aware" of my frozen feelings,

my apprehensions and irrevocable infernal fears,

and watch them glide in procession as I now rest

in the blessed company of my personal God

that in your solitary moments, you too have met.


For even when I had the license to drive,

it was never "I" who drove,

He was always the One, driving.

It was all His Will and His Grace

that took me from place to place,

from uncertainty to certainty, and

sometime back to another uncertainty.


And through it all I mistakenly thought

I was the doer, I was the driver, when

He was doing it all.

Oh, in this vortex of my blinding ego,

how miserably was I always lost !


Whether I stayed on course, or went astray,

only He knew the goal, and He knew the way,

or, when or where I need to be, I can only pray,

keeping me ever so guarded,

protected from myself, from my own insignificance.


So, my dear God, this I ask of Thee,

please continue to be my charioteer,

make me mindful to not get lost any more,

and out of this world's pitiable

untold wilderness of Maya, bring me ashore.

I give You my power of attorney for everything,

keep my "driver's license" for ever, for I now am

staying under Your watchful effulgence so pure.



Vijay Nikore




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