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When People Say Love is Blind,
For me its You whom i have Found.
Now when you are not Near,
I miss you the most My Dear.
This Phase is where i dislike to be apart,
You strike a light within my Heart .
In every ups and downs you are with me,We fight ,argue and frown at each other,
but at the end we know we are together,
Our Love is Rare, like us there is no other Pair.
Its you who never let me go Wrong,
You are the one who motivates me to be Strong.
Its You who cares for me,
even if you are Now not here,
Your presence i can still feel in this Air.
You have not just captivated heart of Mine,You give me all the reasons to Smile.
I am blessed to have you in my Life.Before you,my Life was in a Mess,
But your love have compressed rest of my Life.
I want to walk miles with you.Without you i am hostile.
This is true that love never judges,it never hurts,it removes all the grudges within us, and it converts two souls into one.
The gift of Love you have given to me,I will cherish that till i die...
You Mean a lot to me..i may not able to express you how much close you are to me,
but its true for me, you are my world and everything to me...




Written and Copyrighted by Sanchita




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