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A rhythmic drum-beat

of hearts in synchronization.

More than just a dormant word,

an emotion, wrought not

in commotion,

but nourished

by tender slow loving care, and

by silent thoughts and words

ever so sincere !



It Inspires.

Mightier than the army,

higher than the tallest,

deeper than the deepest,

strength to the needy,

standing tough

like a pillar of steel

and yet feels silky soft,

soothing and warm

to the heart that Knows,

lighting up even

its darkest lone corridors.



So pristine and pure,

like a worship enshrined

in another being, and

in your deepest core,

pulling you out of blues.

Your feet feel so light

that in the moment next

you could fly and test the sky,

singing like a lark, happy

in musical notes low and high,

looking at the world

as beautiful as ever !


Moments of TRUST are those

some very special moments,

rare-est of the rare,

you feel so good, you could

almost touch the sky

feel the stars,

and even cry

with joy

and enjoy

even that lone tear about to fall

in THAT very special moment.



There must be that special moment,

the moment of unguarded TRUST.

And, there must be that one person

who understands enough to care..

and stares not with disdain

at your weaknesses and despair

as if they were some cancer

left unchecked and beyond repair,

and holds your hand

even from far off long distance,

as if he or she was here with you,

next to you and for you,

not only willing,

but anxious to walk and talk, and

laugh with you

and most of all, even cry with you,

sipping from THAT common cup

of precious TRUST between the two,

writing the unspoken tale





-- Vijay Nikore



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