Pre-fest feature for TRIFLES'16



TRIFLES. Little things that give us joy. Same reason why we named our National level Inter Collegiate Festival after this word. Because Trifles is an emotion. You can't just think through it, you have to feel it. Feel the joy it gives, not just to you as a Council member, but to another, a bestie, a friend, an acquaintance or even a stranger. This seemingly trifle thing is enough to keep you going and keep you in joyous spirit.


With all of its grandeur, TRIFLES has always hosted and enthralled crowds with various artists like Papon and East India Company, Anish Sood and Lost Stories, Indus Creed, Scribe, Sona Mohapatra, DJ Nucleya, The Viral Fever and AIl India Bakch*d and witnesses participation from all over the country.


So this 16th of March, come together with your share of trifles. All you need to do is let the cheer envelope you as you cherish the memories that will linger for a lifetime.



TSEC Students' Council


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