What is PRAGYAN??


PRAGYAN is the annual techno-management festival conducted by the students of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli in the month of March. Certified as an ISO 9001:2008 organisation, Pragyan '13 will be held between 28th February and 3rd March this year.




With website registrations of over 10,000 for the past two editions and a Foot Fall of 2,500 students, Pragyan truly caters to a diverse set of students from around the country. More than 100 colleges from all over India send their students to display their talents at Pragyan. Participation for Pragyan comes not just from within the country, but from all over the world, with registrations coming in from more than 60 countries. The number of events continues to grow with every edition of the festival, with more than 50 events in the 2012 edition.These events continue round the clock, along with brilliant guest lectures, scintillating exhibitions and fantastic informal events.


Ø Guest lectures :


The series of guest lectures at Pragyan serve to educate and entertain the attendees at Pragyan. Every year, notable individuals give thought-provoking lectures on a variety of topics, ranging from Astrophysics to Philosophy. This year Pragyan hosts lectures on Augmented Reality (Matt Mills), Neuro-technology (Rohan Dixit), Electronics (Steve Furber), Astrophysics (Thanu Padmanabhan), Rocket Technology (Tessy Thomas), Business (Gerard Rego), History (David Christian), and Nuclear Physics (Anil Kakodkar), among more.



Ø Infotainment:


Infotainment at Pragyan 2013 promises to be the most sought after destination for the general audience with a live 3D projection mapping show and LED kites show.


Ø Pragyan’s Got Talent :


Pragyan's Got Talent is a new event that provides a platform for participants to showcase their talents on stage. Making its debut this year, Pragyan’s Got Talent is targeting this sector of people by providing a platform for them to exhibit it. Participating individuals or teams can perform any creative art like Magic, Juggling, Light Painting sand art or choose to convey a social message through innovative means Eg. through dance, plays, short movies. The judges of this event are the members of the passionate band, Thaalavatam with their concept of Reuse-Reduce-Recycle. At the end of the day, with the winners bagging prizes worth up to Rs 40000, Pragyan’s Got Talent also promises a scintillating performance by the accomplished judges, guaranteeing fun and frolic to the audience together with the other talented participants.


Ø Cross Fire :


 Another major event is Crossfire, a panel discussion between some of the best debaters in India, and has always proved to be a crowd puller. The event brings together eminent public speakers, from various walks of life, to the forum of issues.


Ø Workshops :


Pragyan Workshops aim to deliver a hands on experience. It provides an outstanding platform to interact with the peers of the subject and students with similar interests and develop the required temperament to excel in the same. This year's line-up includes Sixth Sense Robotics, Underwater Robotics, Automotive systems and Advancements, Six Sigma, Tall Structure design and Android application development.


Ø Sangam :


 Sangam is a forum for exchange of knowledge between participants, peer students, academicians, technocrats, industrialists and corporates. Also, the exhibition aims to expose one with the most cutting edge advancements and how this can cater to the needs of the common man.


Ø Other highlights :


Events are the crux of Pragyan and bring to limelight the innovation and creativity of engineering. Events draw crowd not only from across the country but also from other countries. Core Engineering, Chill Pill, Robovigyan, Brainworks, Code It, Manigma and Innovation are some of the clusters in Pragyan Events. Robo Wars, Traffic Rush, Bank Job, Lanka Reloaded, Hover One are few among the highlight events in this edition of Pragyan.


Ø Pragyan Social Responsibility (PSR) :


Pragyan Social Responsibility is a fresh initiative started last year, that focuses on contributing something back to the society that brought us to such heights. A year long initiative, PSR's members reach out to schools in the surroundings of the college and provide what help they can. One of the PSR activities is to help a school by providing infrastructural needs. Kindly visit http://www.wishberry.in/Pragyan-15759 Come participate in this year's edition to experience all this, and much much more! For more details, log on to www.pragyan.org Contact: Overall Coordinator: Neeraj Sanghvi - +919566433774 Chairman: Janani Venkatraman - +918056026633




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