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World TB Day is commemorated every year on 24 March. It celebrates the discovery of the tuberculosis bacilli and also serves as a reminder that TB still continues to be the cause of the suffering of millions, worldwide. In 2013, World TB Day was celebrated across the country with the slogan “Stop TB in My Lifetime”. This year (2014), World TB Day has been celebrated across the world with the slogan “Reach the three million; Find Treat Cure TB”. The slogan is a part of a two-year global campaign by the Stop TB Partnership which aims at initiating bold actions as a part of an ambitious approach towards TB control. Despite appreciable progress made against TB by the global health community, more than 8.7 million new patients were diagnosed with TB and about 1.4 million people died because of it in 2011 alone.
Like the previous years, this year too, GSKVM-India has observed the World T.B.Day It was sponsored by World Health Organsation (WHO) and in collaboration with Gramin Samaj Kalyan Vikas Manch (GSKVM), TB Reach project by Health Department, Govt. of India under RNTCP & Akshay project.
As a part of the observance, we jointly organized a ‘Street Rally’ followed by a seminar in Daltonganj , Palamu. The rally was jointly inaugurated by Dr Rajeswar Singh, Deputy Director Health Services, Palamu, Dr Virendra Prased, District TB Officer & Md Hashmat Rabbani, Secretary, GSKVM. A few hundreds of walkers consisting of GSKVM team members, DOTs Providers, Sahiyas- village level health care volunteers, govt. health workers and also a good number of interested local people participated in the rally. The rally started from the office of the Govt. Health Department of T.B and moved through the narrow lanes and the main roads of Daltonganj , covering various areas including some densely populated slums. The participants walked, holding festoons and placards with various slogans to combat TB and mentioning relevant information about TB , to make the onlookers aware of the topic. The entire rally was well conducted and was very much attractive. The Project Manager, TB Reach Project , Ms Swarna Lata Ranjan conducted the rally with the help of her TB Reach project team , which covered nearly 3kms , taking around one hour from the starting point and ended at the IMA House at about 10.45 am .Then all the rally walkers participated in the seminar on Stop T.B., which was organized at the I.M.A,Hall , Daltonganj from 11.00am to 1.00pm. The seminar was jointly inaugurated by Dr Rajeswar Singh, Deputy Director Health Services, Palamu, Dr Virendra Prased, District TB Officer, Md Hashmat Rabbani, Secretary, GSKVM, Dr Rana Jitendra Prasad Singh, Civil Surgeon, Palamu, Dr Shivcharan Jha, ACMO, Project Manager, TB Reach Project Ms Swarna Lata Ranjan & Dr.Awdesh Kumar, Secretary, IMA. All the Block Coordinators & Supporting Staff under T.B.Reach Project and representatives from other local NGOs were present in the audience.
All the speakers on the dais delivered their speeches from various angles. Some spoke on the background and relevance of observing World TB Day. Some explained the symptoms and remedies of Tuberculosis, with this information that India alone accounts for 20% of world's tuberculosis cases including 3 million sufferers every year and over 3 lakhs deaths each year. The doctors cautioned that a TB infected person can spread the disease further to 15 other people in a year through his/her sputum. Tuberculosis usually affects the lungs but can also cause adverse effects on the other parts of the body. TB is contagious in nature and can spread through air, when a person already affected with the disease sneezes, or otherwise transmits respiratory fluids through the air in some other ways. The major symptoms of tuberculosis includes chronic cough with blood-tinged sputum, fever, night sweats, and weight loss. Moreover, the treatment of TB is quite difficult as it requires administration of multiple antibiotics over a long period of time. And hence, it is becomes very important to spread proper knowledge and awareness about the disease in large scale in order to eliminate the epidemic related with tuberculosis. The speakers also stressed that TB infected people need to be educated to take adequate measures to prevent spreading of the disease. In order to do that wide range of consciousness needs to be created in the communities. Dr Rajeswar Singh, Deputy Director Health Services, Palamu said that without getting rid of TB we cannot dream of a healthy society and for this continuous & collective effort is needed. The Dr Rana Jitendra Prasad Singh, Civil Surgeon, quoted and elucidated the message of WHO which is ‘FIND, TREAT & CURE TB’. He has also appreciated the role of Gramin Samaj Kalyan Vikas Manch (GSKVM) in fighting against TB with its new TB Reach project from WHO . He has also assured to support GSKVM in the endeavor.
Ms. Swarn Lata Ranjan, The Programme Manager T.B.Reach Project of Gramin Samaj Kalyan Vikas Manch explained in detailed about the aims and objectives as well as the activities to be undertaken in the T.B.Reach Project . The seminar was concluded with the ‘Vote of Thanks’ by TB Reach Team. The whole programme has been highly appreciated by the people of Dalotonganj.



Reported by
Md Hashmat Rabbani & GSKVM Team.
Gramin Samaj Kalyan Vikas Manch(GSKVM)





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